MANSI Media – Newspaper and Digital Experts

MANSI Media is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business with highly effective, targeted print media buying and digital advertising solutions. We are a newspaper ad placement and digital advertising service that saves you time, money and headaches every step of the way. From market research and rate negotiation to flawless execution of multi-market campaigns, we streamline the media buying process. We ensure that your campaign successfully reaches your target audience by using the print, digital and mobile platforms where it will be most effective. MANSI Media is here to simplify your life.

MANSI Media Services

MANSI Media has simplified the ad placement process in national, local and specialty newspapers and their digital properties. With one phone call or email, you can manage a newspaper or digital campaign from planning and placement to billing and fulfillment in any news media property, anywhere, based on your specific needs. We do it all... national, local, digital, inserts and special requests. And best of all, our service is no extra charge to you. You pay the same rates as if you placed the ads yourself. It's easy, efficient and effective!

Free Market Analysis

See what MANSI can do for you. Enter your information below to receive a free market analysis to help with your newspaper placement needs.


Market Analysis


Our proprietary analysis tool along with our audit and NDX subscription allows us to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date market penetration reports.

Mapping Programs


Turn zip code lists and store locations into detailed maps showcasing travel radiuses, market coverage overlays and even areas of opportunity for your geo-targeted campaign.

Demographics and Market Research


Identify your target audience and how to reach them in print or digital with a multitude of tools such as Scarborough, P:Census and Mapping Programs.


Customized Proposals


We’ll take the specific parameters of your request and create a newspaper and digital media campaign that exceeds your objectives.

National, Local and Niche Offerings


MANSI provides detailed reports showing the best print and digital coverage for your campaign. We can also include senior, ethnic, college and business publications along with geo, demo and behavioral targeting on digital properties. MANSI team members will use their expert newspaper ad placement skills to ensure that your message appears in the newspapers and digital properties that best align with your campaign goal.

Industry Expertise


MANSI knows all the right people at all the right places. Don’t waste your time trying to find the correct rep at each newspaper or digital property - we already know them. Because of our industry knowledge, we are able to provide you with market insight and the most current information about the best print publications and websites to use in order to maximize your campaign.



MANSI will negotiate the most competitive rates based on your client’s specific campaign parameters. Our familiarity with rate structures and our relationships throughout the industry give us the ability to find the deals that will give you the best return on your investment.


One Plan, One Order, One Bill


We simplify your life - at least when it comes to buying media!

Guarenteed Rates and Flexibility


If we quote you a cost, we’re going to hold it.

Last minute orders, revisions, and ad copy changes are a snap with MANSI. With one phone call or email, you can make adjustments to the entire campaign.

Proof of Performance


Receive complete verification of every ad that runs; positioning reports, tear sheets, screenshots and traffic reports.



Invoices show line items broken out by property, run-date, volume and ad size so there is no guessing what the bill is for. If there is a DNR, error or underserved campaign, then we will work with the newspapers and digital properties to make it right.