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From presidential impersonators and rumors of the untimely death of stars, to a re-animated Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks and sharks swimming down streets; the internet in 2017 was full of hoaxes. 

A chart showing the higher trust in newspapers vs. social mediaWhile fake news and hoaxes are nothing new (after all, we had Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” without a single tweet or Facebook post), social media has sped along the speed of fake news dissemination.  Not surprisingly, trust in social media, is much lower than other, traditional media. 

It is Lower than radio, lower than broadcast television, lower than 24-hour news cable news and, of course, lower than newspapers.

How much lower? Social media is trusted half as much as the daily or Sunday printed newspaper, with only 33% of people reporting in a recent Kantor survey that they trust social media (“Trust in News”, Kantor Report, 2017).  On the opposite end, daily and Sunday newspapers had over 67% of survey takers reporting trust in the product.

If you are worried about people trusting your advertising in social media, consider a newspaper campaign, with your brand message running beside authentic local content in print and online. 

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